Fueling Artistic Activism for Social Justice

Teens Elevate Their Artistic Voice

Shooting Without Bullets is a nonprofit creative agency and production company that gives young Black and Brown teens the artistic tools they need to express themselves through education, activism and advocacy. This team of visionary artists is spreading bold messages of social justice and equity across northeast Ohio and beyond.

“We have a specific interest in elevating narratives that recognize systemic challenges but also lift up strength, resilience and capacity to propose solutions,” says Regina R. Smith, managing director of Kresge’s Arts & Culture Program. “Now more than ever, we need artists and creatives to help us heal, confront inequities, build social cohesion and bridge differences to drive an equitable recovery.”

Kelsi Carter – Impact Director, Shooting Without Bullets

Amanda D. King – Creative Director, Shooting Without Bullets

Dr. Shemariah J. Arki – Board Co-Chair, Shooting Without Bullets