Zara Creative

Video Production

Zara Creative is a woman-led, full-service production house based in Detroit. Senior Producer Mark Whitehead led the development and editing for all video content and shot on-site in Metro Detroit.


Qinling Li Productions

Video production in Washington, D.C. for the APIA Scholars video.


Video production in Chicago for the African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs video.

Jazz Franklin

Video production in New Orleans for the Power Coalition video.

iShoot Film Productions

Video production in Memphis for the Latino Memphis video.

McKinley Wiley, The Dark Room Co.

Video production in Cleveland for the Shooting Without Bullets video.

Belinda Sumali


Belinda Sumali, a marketing creative in the San Francisco Bay Area, designs for print and digital media. Throughout this site, her illustrations capture the joyful aspirations—the light—of a world with racial justice.


Tré Seals


Tré Seals is a Washington, D.C. designer. The typeface featured on this site is Marsha.



Design and Development

Visceral, a digital design and change agency, harnesses the power of creativity and technology to create brand platforms that make people sit up, take notice and act. Matthew Billingsley led creative design for the site.


Kresge Communications Team

Julie Bagley
David Carrig
Rebecca Chamberlain-Creangă
W. Kim Heron
Alejandro Herrera
Christine Jacobs
Krista A. Jahnke
Jennifer Kulczycki
Kate McLaughlin
Kaniqua Welch


Photo by Maya Simpkins, Community Change

Photo by Mauricio Calvo

Photo by Rhododendrites, Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Photo by Force Detroit

Photo by The Kresge Foundation

Photo by The Kresge Foundation

Photo by D. Ross Cameron