Sparking Detroit’s Food-Oriented Development

Community Effort to Foster Food Justice and Health

Detroit Black Community Food Security Network is focused on empowering Detroit’s Black community to have greater control over the food system that impacts it. Supported by Kresge’s Detroit and Health Programs, DBCFSN’s Detroit Food Commons and the Detroit People’s Food Co-op are models of community-led and community-owned equitable food-oriented development projects.

By providing the critical infrastructure needed to create access to healthy food, support new and existing businesses owned by Black, Indigenous, and people of color, and build a strong pathway for crisis-resistant, community-driven revitalization, equitable food-oriented development projects increase long-term community health through asset-building, self-determination, and through celebrating local identity and resilience.

Malik Yakini – Executive Director, Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

Sonya Mays – President & CEO, Develop Detroit